Monday, July 25, 2011

Reports: Obama Nixed Bi-partisan Debt Deal

Now remember, don’t be confused by the facts. The debt limit crisis is the Republicans’ fault. Got it?

Now that we got that out of the way, there are reports that Obama has killed a possible debt limit deal between Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Republicans.

And why?

The GOP bill to cut spending and raise the debt ceiling, which would avert the coming default crisis, would also require at least one more debt increase before the 2012 election, and the president, working hard for re-election, does not want to deal with the issue again before November 2012. After consulting with Obama Sunday evening, Reid's willingness to work with the GOP disappeared.

The re-election of The One is so much more important than a trivial default of the United States of America, don’t you know.

If these reports end up being confirmed true, it will be interesting to see how even the “Mainstream” News Media can successfully spin any failure to raise the debt limit in time as the Republicans’ fault.

But Lord knows they will try anyway.

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BillB said...

Obama needs to win a second term so that when that is over he can run again for a third term. By the end of a second term, the Supreme Court of the United States will be stacked with Obamanites who will claim that the 22nd amendment doesn't really mean what it says and he can run for office as much as he wants. Also the Supreme Court of the United States will be secondary to anything the United Nations says is over it and whatever that body is will state that Obama can run as many times as he wants too. Also, by then, the voting machines will be fixed so that every 2 out of three votes for someone other than Obama will still count as votes for Obama because the votes are cast by racist, homophobe, bigots and therefore cannot be counted for the opposing candidate but only for THE ONE.

Naw, I'm not paranoid at all.