Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Bishop of Brooklyn and Libchurcher Arrogance

If one wonders why I am so hard on libchurchers, i.e. liberal/left Protestants (and liberal/left faux Catholics), this column by Libchurch Priestess Susan Brooks Thislethwaite will give you more than a taste.

Now her so-called United Church of Christ has pushed for any number of Leftist enormities, with her support no doubt. But when the RC Bishop of Brooklyn suggests (and rightly so) that Catholics not give a platform to those politicians who support gay “marriage,” then it’s A VIOLATION OF CONSTITUTIONAL SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!!! THE HORROR!!!

I do not know what is more amazing, Thistlethwaite’s arrogance or her hypocrisy. For while she and her church pushes the whole fetid rainbow of Leftism, she writes that bigots real Christians should be quiet and also forget about church discipline lest they cross “over the line” of Holy Separation of Church and State.

I thought that advocating for one’s views was protected by Freedom of Speech, and that church discipline was protected by Freedom of Religion. Silly me. Only liberal speech and liberal religion is protected.

I could rant and carry on about her column. I really could. But Christopher Johnson and David Fischler both dissect it so well, I will defer to them and urge readers to get thee hence.

But, first, I must mention that Mr. Fischler wonderfully fisks the conclusion of Thistlethwaite’s piece:

[Thistlethwaite:] “There are many wonderful things about living in a religiously pluralistic democracy, and one really great one is that people of faith start to think for themselves and make their own judgments. And that’s allowed in this country. In fact, it’s often encouraged.”

Unless, of course, the judgment you come to is a conservative, traditional one founded on Scripture and two thousand years of Christian orthodoxy. In which case, YOU’RE A BIGOT!

I myself will conclude where Mr. Johnson begins:

Nobody, and I mean nobody, does pompous, arrogant self-righteousness better than liberal Protestants.

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