Tuesday, July 05, 2011

NY State Senator Asleazy Alesi, Republican Libchurcher

Even a sympathetic N.Y. Times article has trouble putting lipstick on this pig, namely State Senator James Alesi, one of the RINOs who voted to legalize same-sex marriage in New York.

First, he either lied or went back on his word. You pick.

Mr. Grisanti had vowed in 2008 that he was “inalterably” opposed to same-sex marriage.

Second, he sued for a stumble that was his own stinking fault.

In January, Mr. Alesi shocked his supporters by suing a couple in his district. He claimed they had maintained an unsafe workplace in a house under construction where he had broken his leg trying to climb a ladder, even though he had entered without permission. He dropped the suit after heavy criticism.

And he calls himself a Republican? But those two items are really just piling on. All you really need to know about Senator Alesi is his oh-so-inclusive “church”:

. . . Spiritus Christi Church, a Catholic congregation that broke with Rome in order to support gay men and lesbians, as well as women in the clergy.

Details of that history in their own words may be found here, martyr complex included. What we have here is what was a Roman Catholic parish that split from Rome so it could be a libchurch, complete with same sex unions, tossing around communion to everyone, etc. And Senator Alesi is fine with that.

Yet he was “inalterably” opposed to same sex marriage? Hmmmm.

One of his constituents sums up my thoughts about the state senator quite well:

“He’s not honest,” said Ray Akey, 66, a retired sales engineer and a Republican who had voted for Mr. Alesi in the past. He said he would not again — “Not after what he did to those people,” he said, referring to the lawsuit — but also because of the same-sex marriage vote.

Asked to sum up his feelings about his senator, Mr. Akey said: “It’s not real pretty. I’d have to put some cuss words in there.”

And so would I. So I best conclude this post forthwith.

Hat tip to Hot Air, where some comments may be found.

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