Friday, May 20, 2011

AARP: “Obamacare for thee, but not for me”

I’ve been known to foam at the mouth on occasion on the subject of the AARP. So I will have mercy on my readers and keep this post short and to the point.

The AARP, one of the biggest pushers of Obamacare, who spent big $$$ on ads smearing Obamacare opponents . . . is now getting a waiver from Obamacare.

And that even though Obamacare already gives AARP an unfair competitive advantage for its own plans.

“Obamacare for thee, but not for me.”


Floridian said...

ABOMINATION nomination -

Anonymous said...

They helped draft the &*()#$ Law, and now they want to be exempt?!
How 2 faced can they get?

BTW dropped my membership over 5 years ago, but they kept me on their mailing list until I gave them a piece of my mind regarding the insanity of this law, in response to a survey
the sent me.

Marie Blocher