Friday, May 27, 2011

Dayton Gives the Finger to Voters

I apologize if the title to this post seems crass, but I know of no polite way to describe what Gov. Mark Dayton just did to the voters of Minnesota.

He vetoed a popular measure to require ID to vote. Then he had the gall to excuse his action by saying the bill lacked “bipartisan” support.

Oh, really? A Survey USA poll indicates that 76% of Minnesotans support voter ID. Heck, I doubt 76% like apple pie. And, yes, a majority of Democrats support voter ID, too.

Probably about the only ones who do not support Voter ID are Democrat politicians like Mark Dayton. How are they going to cram Demorats like Al Franken down the throats of the electorate without vote fraud?

And do not be fooled. Dayton’s veto supports Democrat vote fraud as usual in Minnesota, as Don Surber notes.

Gov. Dayton and like-minded Demorats do not give a damn about democracy and about those voters who do not vote their way. He vetoed voter ID because he wants Democrats to continue to veto the will of the electorate in close elections.

And, remember, it is because of the fraudulent “election” of “Senator” Al Franken that we have Obamacare. Vote fraud is undermining our republic, our rights and our freedom.

It is time for a nationwide voter ID law at the very least. That should be part of a real Voting Rights Act that is desperately needed to make it more difficult to nullify real votes and with election fraud.


Anonymous said...

I.D. to vote. Baptism for Communion. Just details.

Beneath the Firmament said...

Don't get me started on this. If I had a nickel for everytime a Governor or Congressman votes to keep the floodgates wide open for the illegal immigrants , I would be a very rich man!
This has got to stop!!