Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Presbyterians Go Episcopalian

I think it worthy of note that the deciding presbytery has voted to open ordination to sexually active gays in the mainline Presbyterian Church.

The New York Times report rightly notes that this is a reversal from just two years ago. As I’ve noted before, libchurchers, particularly in the mainline Presbyterian Church, do not care that much for peace and unity in the church. They push their agendas again and again and again without giving their churches a break.

But when they finally win, it’s like the Hotel California or a roach motel – once in, there is no going back and there is no escape . . . at least not without leaving much or all of your local church’s property behind. Despite the costs, the orthodox will now accelerate their departures from the PCUSA, solidifying the libchurching of the denomination that remains. There is no going back.

Presbyterian libchurchers seem not to care much about church growth either. Every denomination that has gone in the direction of actively gay clergy has shrunk and markedly so. So their celebration in the midst of committing seppuku is a bit odd.

But I guess they’d rather not have those nasty homophobic bigots Christians in the way.


James Gibson said...

And for their next trick, they will change their acronym from PCUSA to TPC.

Jeff Marx said...

A pastor friend at a neighboring Presbyterian church has long supported me as TEC went done this path. He also knew they would follow us. We both noted long ago that the statistical trends were downward. Perhaps God's judgment is to blot us out. The celebrations will not be longlived.

Anonymous said...

The recent Presbyterian vote is clearly the work of a group of people who are rebelling against God and are circumventing (going around) Gods word and commands. They are not walking in Gods Holy Spirit but instead by their own flesh and fallen sinful natures. Their church body effectively removed Jesus Christ as the head of their church and made their church body the new head of their church. In doing so, all they have left is a godless institution of rebellious and disobedient sinners, who are led by their by their sinful natures, lusts, and evil desires.

They love demonstrating their unfaithfulness, and disobedience openly to gain the applause of the world. They certainly appear to be of the world and not of God.

I only have one piece of advice for them. REPENT BEFORE ITS TO LATE