Friday, April 08, 2011

Rock Steal the Vote

That Rock the Vote is biased toward liberals and Democrats is hardly news. But one would think an organization that is oh-so-concerned about people voting would be concerned that every vote counts and is not nullified by vote fraud.

Not so.

RTV is opposing an Ohio bill that would require a driver’s license or other government ID in order to vote. One can assume they oppose similar Voter ID bills in other states.

Now why would Rock the Vote oppose such simple measures to avoid vote fraud?

Rock the Vote is about electing Democrats, of course. And less vote fraud means fewer Democrats get elected. And we can’t have that, can we.


Anonymous said...

For your information, I do have a friend -- American citizens born and bred -- who does not have government issued ID cards. His voting would not be fraudulent at all. Though in this case the person is well-educated, and somewhat above the poverty line, problems of this sort are more likely to be present for those who, even if loyal Americans who would never practice voting fraud, are poor or otherwise marginalizedl

Many people -- including those distrustful of government -- are wary of the constant increase in the required government documentation required to do more and more daily tasks.

Thus, it is by no means clear to me that an organization could not have principled reasons for opposing the kind of measure you speak of.

I myself dislike much of the Democrats' agenda, and in conscience cannot vote for most Democrats because of the usual Democratic positions on abortion. But It seems to me that it might be better, and more in accord with Christian teaching, not to jump, without clear evidence, to the conclusion that the motives of those we disagree with politically are corrupt, or even venal.

Even from the point of view of championing the political positions one holds to, it is, in my experience, counterproductive to speak in unnecessarily dismissive or contemptuous ways of those who one disagrees with. It wins no one over, I think. It closes people's minds who disagree with one's own to points of view other than their own. Sometimes it convinces people who've not fully settled their minds that the side that speaks harshly is not to be trusted. Sometimes it even starts to turn people who agree with one's side away, and gives them doubts.

In any case, as I said, I don't think it's in accord with gospel principles.

My 2 cents, FWIW.

Mark said...

1. I've been watching Democrats and Leftists for over 30 years. I am hardly jumping to conclusions without evidence.

2. If you are going to criticize my blog, kinda do so under a name of some sort. I nearly deleted your comment (which I rarely do, except for spam) because you are anonymous. I see no reason why I should take grief from anonymous people.

3. If people care to vote, they should care enough to also have sufficient I.D. to verify that they are who they say they are. That is no great hardship.


Michal said...

I vote in Ohio and can't remember when I didn't show my driver's license in order to vote. The county board of elections sends out information cards telling people where their polling place is, and part of the instructions are that you have to prove who you are...driver's license, recent utility bill with your name on it at your current address, etc. I guess the only change is that the proof needs to be a government-issued document. No one should be bothered by this.

Anonymous said...

To the person who commented as, "Anonymous", frankly, I don't believe your fairy tale of the citizen who lacks a government ID. He or she could not cash a pay or other type of check, couldn't obtain a bank account of any kind, couldn't obtain housing of any kind, without said ID.

Your sad rant tells me one thing, you need to spin your lie, because you are incapable of honestly engaging in debate on the subject of the need to prevent voter fraud, so you spin your myth. ID's are not hard to obtain for legal citizens, even for the poorest citizen. They don't represent any kind of discrimination, rather they protect the citizenry, especially the most vulnerable, from being abused and deprived of their rights. Apparently, that fact frightens you, because you find our rights and freedoms a threat to whatever your agenda happens to be. That is your problem