Thursday, April 28, 2011

Abomination of the Week

This sacrilege may so offend my more liturgically sensitive readers that I hesitate to post it. I will refrain from posting the photos here, but BE WARNED that the photos are at the links below.

*takes a breath*
During the Easter liturgy at St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Memphis, a Canon vested in a . . . feather boa.

I. am. not. kidding. And I have verified that this abomination was actually worn during the liturgy.


With thanks (I think) to Bad Vestments.


Just Me said...

Groovy man. Just groovy.

Beneath the Firmament said...

I hate this experimental liturgical crap.

James Gibson said...


Robin G. Jordan said...

Conservative evangelicals were not the ones who promoted the use of vestments other than a comely surplice with sleeves and in cathedrals and college chapels, a cope.