Monday, October 11, 2010

Obama vs. the Chamber of Commerce (Or I told you so)

Sometimes I’m good. Friday, I wrote Obama’s attack on the Chamber of Commerce would get more attention, to his political hurt. Well *ding* right again.

What I did not expect is how quickly Obama’s accusations are being exposed as baseless. Even the New York Times gets it already.

And in attempting to dig themselves out, the Obama Administration keeps digging itself in deeper. David Axelrod’s performance on CBS on Sunday was a gem:

White House senior adviser David Axelrod said the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has the burden of proving false the charge by Democrats that the business group is funneling foreign money to Republican campaigns.

Axelrod was pressed by CBS’ Bob Schieffer on Sunday for evidence that the foreign campaign contributions benefiting the GOP is more than “peanuts.”

“Do you have any evidence that it’s not, Bob?” Axelrod said on “Face the Nation.” “The fact is that the Chamber has asserted that, but they won’t release any information about where their campaign money is coming from. And that’s at the core of the problem.”

Ah, I see how it works: the Obama regime can throw charges at political opposition without evidence, and the opposition has the burden to clear itself.

Ed Morrissey also is among those who see how it works:

The government makes baseless accusations and then blames the people accused for not clearing themselves. . . . The White House launched the same kind of baseless attacks on the Koch family and Americans for Prosperity this summer and have yet to offer one substantial piece of evidence that any of these groups or people have done anything wrong at all, except to oppose Obama’s policies.

This is an administration that apparently has never learned the difference between being a political campaign and serving in the government. In the former situation, this would constitute slander, which is bad enough. When it comes from the government, it’s a form of tyranny — an attempt to use the power of government to silence dissent.

The attacks on the Chamber of Commerce are part of a pattern: the Obama regime and Democrats use the power of government to attack donors to conservative causes.

Again, this is tyranny.

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Bumps Stump said...

Hi Anglican . . . Axelrod amazes me. I'm afraid his elevator doesn't go all the way to the top. His main job seems to be sitting at Obama's feet saying "yes sir" over and over. He and Joe Biden should start a school for tongue twisting dummies who can't tell the President that he's wrong.