Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is Obama Losing It?

Some odd behavior from Obama of late makes me wonder if he knows what is about to happen to his power on November 2nd and is having trouble coping with the knowledge.

He seems to be in denial. He refuses to acknowledge that his comeuppance is coming because he took a vast reservoir of good will on his Inauguration and squandered it on unpopular social engineering and massive deficit spending. No, instead he says it is . . . well . . . our fault for being so “scared” that we are not thinking “clearly.”

Not only is Obama in denial and playing the blame game, he is losing his cool. Yes, Our Cool Leader, of all people, seems to be losing his cool. Why do I say that?

These photos.

Now, granted, a well timed (or badly timed) photo can make anyone look a bit silly. But these expressions show a strange anger one would not expect from Obama. I genuinely do not think the man is coping well.

And there are reports that he is battling depression. With his recent appearances gyrating between lifelessness and a strange anger, I believe it.

Pray for Obama . . . and for us.

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Anonymous said...

You undersestimate Obama. He is the greatest politician of our generation. Remember he became president of the U.S. with an exotic name and a thin resume.