Friday, October 29, 2010

Abomination of the Week . . . from Oxford

I’m at a loss to describe this abomination in polite terms. And, unlike other abominations, I do not find it amusing. So I’ll just get to the point. Pembroke College, Oxford had a Muslim preach in its chapel:

For the first time in Pembroke College’s 500-year history, a Muslim, Dr Taj Hargey – from the Summertown Islamic Congregation in Oxford – was welcomed to deliver a sermon at its chapel.

The Rev Dr Andrew Teal, of Pembroke College, said he had been trying to get a Muslim Imam to deliver a service at the chapel for many years and he believed it was a first.

“I think what we are doing today is very unusual, certainly it’s the first time I have heard of it being done at the college. . . .

Well, Dr. Teal, there is a reason it had not been done. The chapels at Oxford were founded to be Christian. To have a Muslim preacher contradicts the faith and is surely a gross violation of the foundation of Pembroke if its founding documents are remotely akin to those of other Oxford colleges of long standing. What you have committed, sir, is a betrayal . . . and an abomination.

Thanks to reader St. Nikao for bringing this to my attention.


Sibyl said...

Here are a couple links to discussion of this topic:

Dr. Michael Yousef, who escaped with his family from persecution of Christians in the Middle East, speaks about the event in Oxford:

Article at Stand Firm in Faith:

Anonymous said...

Here's another, again, not funny:

These people won't quit trying to bring Jesus down to their level.

Yes, Jesus bore our sin, infirmities, stripes, punishment for us, but he was and remains sinless.