Tuesday, April 20, 2010

++Okoh on the Gospel and Apostasy

After reading ++Nicholas Okoh’s address on “The Gospel of Jesus Christ” at the Global South meeting, I am glad he is the new Primate of Nigeria.

Two things about the address stand out to me. First, it is very scholarly, packing a lot of meaty teaching into one address.

Second, at the end he calls out those *coughTECcough* who have committed “the treachery of another Gospel which is afraid of and denies the deity of Christ.” His concluding words:

. . . the deity of Christ is increasingly becoming offensive in some quarters in our communion. For others the uniqueness of Christ cannot be taught in our pluralistic society. But pluralism was there, in the first country. The Jewish religion was there, so were the Greek Philosophies and religions, hence it was said that the cross was foolishness to the Greeks, and a stumbling block to the Jews. The creeds, the 39 articles (see 2, 3, 4) and the Holy Scriptures, all uphold the deity and uniqueness of Jesus, the Christ. To deny these fundamentals is to abandon the way; it is apostasy; it is “another gospel”, which is condemned in scripture.

Methinks Dr. Rowan Williams’ desire that this Global South meeting does . . . not much of anything about The Episcopal Church and its enablers just might be disappointed.

Hat tip to Northern Plains Anglicans.

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Floridian said...

Note the sharp contrast between the lively, strong, powerful, fearless, unequivocal Scriptural proclamations ringing out from the speakers at GSE4 and the disorienting, mushy, confusing, dead words emitted from Lambeth and 815.