Monday, April 05, 2010

“The Light of Christ!”

One of the several reasons I became Anglican is that Anglican worship is more participatory. Well, this Easter, did I get to participate!

For the Easter Vigil, I got to carry the Paschal Candle in, chanting “The Light of Christ” at the three stations in the sanctuary. I’ve wanted to do that for at least a year or two. And I chant quite well if I may say so myself. I also read two of the lessons. (I’m not a deacon, but was vested as a cantor . . . for those who wonder about such things.)

The beginning of the procession was comical, however. There was a breeze, even in the church courtyard were we lit the New Fire. So we lit the Paschal Candle from it with some difficulty. Then, as I was carefully walking the candle to the door a persistent gust blew it out. We returned to the New Fire. But it was already an ex-fire. So the rector simply used his lighter to relight the candle. The congregation was amused.

There was more improvisation on Easter morning as a key pool of acolyte kids were late. I volunteered at the last minute and was the crucifer. So much for showing off my rarely seen Easter suit and sitting comfortably in the pew, but I enjoyed worshipping in the middle of such a glorious service.

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