Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lying Charlie Crist

Thanks to Stand Firm for pointing out that, by running for Senate as an independent, Charlie Crist reveals himself to be a big liar.

Charlie Crist only a month ago:

Asked by Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace if Crist was "ruling out that you will file as an independent by the April 30the deadline," Crist said, "That's right. I'm running as a Republican." Asked if he would support the winner of the GOP primary, Crist said, "Of course I will. Of course I will."

"You are saying you are going to run in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate," Wallace persisted. "You will not run on the no party affiliation line."

"That's right. That's right. That's what I'm saying," Crist said.

But today he will announce he is doing just that, running as an independent.

One wonders who would be so stupid as to vote for a man who so easily lies and goes back on his word when the political winds suit him?

Maybe I shouldn’t ask that. Bill Clinton got reelected.

Not-so-by-the-way, Charlie Crist is a walking illustration of the lesson that those who try to be everybody’s friend may end up being nobody’s friend. Republicans now hate him. Democrats won’t back him. And very few (I hope) trust him.

The irony of this is that if Crist had shown some grace and stepped aside for this race, he would have won a lot of good will that would have served his political ambitions in the future. But now, he will likely become a byword.


Tregonsee said...

"....easily lies and goes back on his word...." We have incontrvetible truth that he went back on his word. We have, to date, absolutely no evidence that he lied. I.E. that he knew he was going to run as an independent at the time he said he would not. The "Bush lied, people died!" people have this same problem. Somewhere we have lost the ability to handle basic English.

Mark said...

Point well taken. And perhaps I am presuming too much.

However only a month ago, Crist spoke as if he had NO intention of running as an independent. That is doubtful at the very least.


Anonymous said...

Tregonsee, I totally disagree with you.
Read his words. He made affirmative statements. He said he would not run as an independent. He said he would support the winner of the Republican primary. Saying he may not have known he would run a month ago is totally disingenuous. It's like your best friend telling you on March 30 that he will not sleep with your spouse. On April 30 you walk in and find him in your bed with your spouse. Plain and simple - Your best friend lied. Even if your friend had no intention of betraying you by sleeping with your spouse, by committing the act, he made himself a liar.

If character were an important trait to Mr. Crist, he could have said, "at this time I have no intention of running as an independent." Of course that, too, would have been rather revealing.