Monday, February 09, 2009

Obama Fatigue?

First, I should say that as much as I oppose his policies, I’m not tired of seeing Obama on my TV screen . . . yet.

And that’s saying something. I am one who always turned the TV to mute as soon as Bill Clinton’s lying face appeared. I could not endure the man. But I’m not near that point with Obama. I find him interesting whereas Bill was so predictably and unbearably smarmy.

But I have noticed that just about every day Obama makes a point of getting in front of the TV cameras for some big announcement or big speech. I know modern presidents tend to be very much out there, but still. I wonder if it is part of some messiah complex that he feels he must make a pronouncement every day.

And tonight, he is having a prime time press conference the networks are expected to carry. A prime time press conference. I suspect that is overkill already. And I can’t help but wonder out loud if he is already in danger of giving Americans Obama Fatigue.

Even the Obama-worshipping networks aren’t thrilled about tonight, by the way.

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