Friday, February 13, 2009

Judd Gregg, Obama, and the Census

Kudos to Judd Gregg for withdrawing his name from being considered for Secretary of Commerce.

I want to focus on one reason for his withdrawal because it is important to our democracy and won’t be going away. In his statement, Senator Gregg said, “I have found that on issues such as the stimulus package and the Census there are irresolvable conflicts for me.”

The “Mainstream” Media hasn’t paid much attention, but the Obama Administration is seeking greater control over the Census. And you don’t have to be as paranoid as me to suspect they will do for the Census what Democrats have done for election after election – they will rig it.

And that really is just another form of election rigging as the Census, among other things, determines how much representation each state gets in Congress.

In fact, they have pretty much admitted they will attempt to rig the Census:

Under the new management structure, the director of the Census Bureau will report to “White House senior management” as well as to the Commerce secretary, where President Obama wants to install a Republican -- Sen. Judd Gregg -- who in the past has clashed with Democrats on issues related to the Census.

The Obama White House says the decision is based on the model used by the Clinton administration . . .

The run-up to the 2000 Census featured a pitched battle over whether to rely on the actual count of individuals, or statistical modeling that could produce more accurate results.

Democrats tended to favor the latter mechanism, since hard-to-reach people -- particularly minorities and recent immigrants -- are more likely to live in Democratic areas of the country. (The bureau eventually decided that only the actual count would be used in 2000.)

Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt downplayed the impact of the structural changes. He said President Bill Clinton had a similar flowchart in place, and pointed out that the director of the Census Bureau will still report to the Commerce Secretary.

In other words, the Obama Adminstration will try to rig the 2010 census just like Clinton tried (and failed thankfully) to rig the 2000 census – by counting phantom people in liberal urban areas.

Again, this is election-rigging writ large.

You will hear from me again on this.


Anonymous said...

My brother, your excessive attention on obama and his administration is not healthy. Remember the arguments presented by Augustine in his masterful Civitad Dei - The City Of God. Who was emperor? Was 'almost' an irrelevant question for Augustine and the Church Fathers.

Edward Craig+

Mark said...

On the other hand, light is the best disinfectant, especially in politics. :)


Chip Byers (AKA RECCHIP) said...


Keep up the good work Brother.

If the Church ignores what is going on in the "state" we may get another Nero on our hands.

Oh, wait, WE DO!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes we are to pay attention to politics - God's kingdom is political. My point is that we must be very careful about identifying too closely with political movements and positions. Augustine clearly reminds those christian distraght over the collapse of Rome that their hope lies not with Rome but the civitas dei - that city which moves through time into eternity.

Anonymous said...

As Bonehoeffer stated, the Church should read history from below and not from the vantage point of the powerful. If we read history that way,from below, all the presidents look like Nero.

Edward +

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the typos in my post