Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Obama Appoints Another Election Fraud Crook UPDATED

Why does Barack Obama love election fraud crooks? He’s long been ACORN’s sugar daddy. He nominated Tom Daschle, whose Indian reservation fraud put Tim Johnson over in the 2002 Senate election. Thankfully, that sleaze has gone down in flames.

Now Obama has appointed Ron Sims to the #2 position at HUD. It turns out that Sims has been heavily fined for illegal record withholding in his role as King County (That’s the Seattle, Washington area.) Executive.

And guess what is among the records he’s been hiding?

Sharkansky eventually discovered what Sims and King County wanted to keep hidden: they counted ineligible ballots during the recount to give Christine Gregoire the necessary margin of victory over Dino Rossi for governor.

So Sims is a perpetrator in at least the cover-up in that fraudulent 2004 election if not guilty of the fraud itself.

Again, why does Obama so fawn over election fraud crooks?

MORE: At my first go, I missed the irony that The One who has so peddled “transparency” has appointed such a violator of public records laws.

I’m glad to say others have not missed the irony.

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Dr. Mabuse said...

Good grief, doesn't the man know ANY honest people?