Friday, February 20, 2009

Obama, The Campaign is Over. You Won. SO GET TO WORK!

I see that the Great Leader is in Laredo today. He was in Denver the other day. Then Mesa, Arizona. Hell, I’m losing track.

Everyday, it seems, he’s in a new location making a campaign style speech. As if his glorious speeches will solve our problems.

There’s one problem. THE CAMPAIGN IS OVER. And, yes, Obama won already.

So I find this barnstorming around the nation inappropriate when there is real work to do, especially on the economy. The main reason the Stimulus is such a budget busting liberal wet dream that will hurt the economy more than help is that Obama just farmed it out to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Now the banks and the markets threaten to go down the tubes in part because his Treasury Secretary is AWOL when adult leadership is needed. A financial site I frequent is beginning to play a version of “Where’s Waldo?” called “Where’s Geithner?”.

Obama, the campaign is over. You won. SO GET TO @#$% WORK!


PARTIAL RETRACTION: It turns out I really can’t keep track of Obama’s perpetual campaigning! President Obama was not in Laredo today.

I think what happened is that I misheard this story on CNBC as having Obama speaking in Laredo.

I stand by the gist of my post, but apologize for the error.

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