Monday, March 31, 2008

Zimbabwe “On a Precipice”

It is difficult to tell just exactly what is going on in Zimbabwe. There are encouraging signs the Opposition has won as they claim. For one thing, Mugabe’s “Justice” Minister has lost his seat. And there is even a BBC report that officials are deciding how to break the news to Mugabe that he has lost.

But winning the election is one thing. Winning the count is another. And results are slow to come out, fueling speculation that Mugabe is stealing this election.

I fear for Zimbabwe if Mugabe is declared the winner. Mugabe is a monster who has destroyed his country. Further, the reaction to another stolen election may make Kenya look like a day in the park.

Please keep praying.

UPDATE: Here’s an interesting report with some speculation thrown in. I have no way to tell how accurate it is, however.

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