Monday, March 24, 2008

I've changed the title . . . again.

Yes, I've changed the title of this blog . . . again . . . back to its original name, Wannabe Anglican.

I could give several reasons for this. When I began this blog and, later, when I became Anglican, I hoped to one day be in full communion with Canterbury. Due to the leadership of the current occupant of that see, that hope has greatly diminished.

And some people opine that if you aren’t in communion with that see, you can’t be a proper Anglican. I disagree, but I might as well humor them.

Also, I’m getting to be less of a “Newbie” Anglican every day. Heck, already I can get worked up over incorrect liturgical colors.

But actually the real reason is this: I’ve just discovered some site feed readers don’t like html in blog titles. So “Newbie Wannabe Anglican” had to go.

Also, I’m adding proper titles to future posts to appease the site feeds.

I hope this addresses the difficulties with site feeds. Feedback on whether appeasement is actually working in this case would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog Mark. Hello from a fellow conservative Anglican in Kentucky. My wife and I were confirmed in 2004 by Bishop Nathan from Uganda.

Looking forward to reading more.


RECCHIP said...


I am glad that you no longer consider yourself a "Newbie." You may consider yourself a "Wanabee" but, in fact you (and I) are both already "Anglican."

Since the REC is in full communion with the Church of Nigeria, and they are (at least for now!) in communion with Canterbury, we are in communion with the ABC. (For whatever that is worth!!). As an aside, we are NOT in communion with ECUSA/TEC since Nigeria is currently out of Communion with them. (Well the REC is in communion with several Dioceses-Pittsburgh has an agreement with the Diocese of the The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic).

I hope you had a blessed Resurrection day!!

Chip in Virgina