Friday, March 14, 2008

More Absurdity and Evil from the Episcopal Church’s “Depose-a-rama”

It’s hard to know whether to laugh or to be angry over the conduct of those who lead the Episcopal Church. In the case of the charges against Bishop Edward MacBurney, probably both are appropriate.

Bishop MacBurney is an 80 years old retired bishop who performed confirmations at a non-TEC Anglican church in San Diego under ++Greg Venables. But – Horrors! – he didn’t get permission from the TEC bishop of San Diego! Now, again, the church in question isn’t a TEC church, but that doesn’t matter. The Episcopal Church rules over all! He crossed the Holy Boundaries of The Episcopal Church without permission! BURN HIM!

Yes, this is a bit silly. But it is also truly evil. At the above link is a revealing comment:

Bishop MacBurney is a close friend of mine. Bishop Ackerman informed me of this about a week ago. Bishop Ackerman told me in a meeting that he pleaded with 815 to delay this as Bishop MacBurney has a son who is on his deathbed. 
Did these vampires listen? NO! 

This only strengthens our resolve in Quincy. We showed restraint at our last Synod by delaying our second vote. And this is what we get?! You pick on another 80 year old whose son is dying?!

I don’t understand Presiding “Bishop” Schori’s and her minions’ obsession with charging and/or deposing everyone who doesn’t kiss her ring. It is truly vicious and vindictive.

But God brings good out of evil, even banal evil such as this. And this Depose-a-rama is certainly making it that much more clear what sort of evil has taken over the Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church is practically forcing people to choose between good and evil. In fact, it’s been speculated that the strategy of TEC is to see how much they can get away with in the run up to Lambeth.

Even the Archbishop of Canterbury is being forced to choose. Will he stick with his invitations of Lambeth of those now deposed, such as +Schofield? If --Schori has her way, even +Duncan will be deposed before Lambeth. Would ++Rowan still invite him then? Will he continue to silent about these attacks on the faithful?

The Episcopal Church is not only showing more of her true colors, but is forcing ++Rowan Williams to show more of his true colors as well.

UPDATE: As if the House of “Bishops” of the Episcopal Church don’t have enough self-inflicted egg on their face, it turns out they violated their canons in deposing +Scholfield.

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