Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lambeth for Gene Robinson “not possible.” I am not impressed.

Word has come via the TEC House of Bishops that a Lambeth invitation for Gene Robinson is “not possible.”

I am not impressed. I have more of a problem with his unrepentant consecrators and with “bishops” who are persecuting the faithful than with Gene Robinson. Theirs is the greater sin. But they all get tea at Lambeth. I actually agree with those who say Robinson is being singled out. Meanwhile, true shepherds who are guilty of the grievous sin of crossing holy boundaries are shunned.

But if insufferableness were a moral sin, Robinson would be in big trouble as he once again plays the victim. “I am not here to whine.” Yeah, right. When that man says he’s not going to do something, you can know that is precisely what he’s going to do. Remember when he told us he wasn’t going to be “the Gay Bishop”? I thought you did.

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