Thursday, June 14, 2007


I’m very encouraged by the developments of the past 36 hours. When the Archbishop of Kenya announced his North American initiative with Dr. Bill Atwood to lead it as bishop, the significance wasn’t immediately clear. Some suggested it indicated a fragmentation of the Global South’s efforts.

But the numerous statements that soon came out made clear this is no fragmentation. This is a coming together of orthodox Anglican forces to fight back and reinvade North America for Christ and for orthodox Anglicanism. This is like D-day with an “alphabet soup” of countries and armed forces preparing to take back North American Anglican territory the apostates have usurped.

The Episcopal Church has made clear it will neither repent nor relent from its apostasies and from its attacks on the faithful. The Archbishop of Canterbury has made clear with his Lambeth invitations that he intends to let them get away with it. (To those who think he may rescind those invitations, I have two words: wishful thinking.) So now the Global South and its orthodox allies see the time for restraint is now over. It’s time for war. It’s time not only for a Dunkirk to rescue the faithful; it’s time for D-day, to replant the flag of orthodox Anglicanism in North America.

As the Bishop of Ft. Worth stated overnight:

The rejection of the Dar es Salaam proposed pastoral scheme by the TEC House of Bishops will lead to further extraordinary efforts such as this to extend episcopal care to faithful Anglicans who believe they have no alternative but to separate from the church they have loved and served for so many years.

In other words, you just think you’ve seen boundary crossings. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

What is the significance of Bill Atwood in this? Again, +Ft Worth:

He has the heart of an evangelist and has been the key, pivotal figure in the realignment of worldwide Anglicanism.

I don’t think “the key” is a typo. He has long standing relationships with a number of Global South leaders, long before 2003. He is the ideal man to help coordinate their efforts. I think he may have been chosen to be supreme commander of the reinvading Anglican forces. He knows the territory. He knows evangelism. He’s an excellent choice.

Now, some of you may think I’m a bit overwrought with my talk of war. And I freely admit, maybe I am.

But the Global South and allies don’t take the Bible’s exhortations to be soldiers of Christ to be just metaphors. These are men who have been deeply involved in combat. They know the reality of spiritual warfare. They have struggled against the evil forces of Islam. Some of their parishioners have been compelled to literally take up arms against Muslims. Here in North America, the battles haven’t been life and death, not physically at least. But many have been attacked again and again by the apostate persecutors of the faithful.

These are men who know spiritual warfare. And they are ready to wage it.

So, you Episcopal apostate persecutors of the faithful, bring on your lawyers and your mammon. You may win your empty buildings. You may win tea with the Dithering Lord of Canterbury.

But you will lose the war.

Let the war begin.

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