Friday, June 01, 2007

A New North American Anglican Province? This Fall?

Brad Drell is asking if there is indeed a new province in the works as he looks at the agenda of the Common Cause bishops meeting coming up this September. And these items are certainly suggestive:

4) to consider whether a permanent Common Cause College of Bishops might be created, in order that ever greater levels of communication, cooperation and collaboration can be built; and

5) to initiate discussion of the creation of an “Anglican Union” among the partners, moving forward the vision of the Primates of the Global South for a new “ecclesiastical structure of the Anglican Communion in the USA.”

I wonder if a federation province can be brought about. I think that has to be the way to go for now since Forward in Faith and also the REC and APA have issues with women’s ordination.

I know at least one REC bishop has suggested a federation is probably the near term way to go for orthodox North American Anglicans.

And I also know this Fall will be interesting.

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