Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Straight Talk About Putin

Yelena Tregubova is a journalist who has fled Vladimir Putin’s Russia. And she has some strong words for the West’s appeasement of that dictator.

I used to be a fan of Putin myself. But it’s become more and more clear through the years that his aim is to set up a Soviet style dictatorship complete with muzzling and killing political enemies. The current case of his poisoning an exile in Britain then refusing to extradite the chief suspect is particularly galling.

With the G-8 summit coming up, Tregubova writes:

Putin should be faced with a stark choice: either the Kremlin restores democratic freedoms, or Russia will be expelled from the G8 and other international clubs.

I completely agree. And that should be just for starters. It’s high time the West treat Vladimir Putin like the Soviet-style dictator he is.

Hat tip to TitusOneNine.

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