Monday, June 11, 2007

Edward VI, the “boy-bigot”?

As part of my preparation for Oxford, I’ve been reading The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain. Yesterday in it, I was shocked to read Edward VI called “the Protestant boy-bigot.”

I’m thankful that the author who indulged in such brazen axe-grinding, John Guy, only has one chapter in the book. But I’m still amazed that the editor Kenneth O. Morgan allowed that name-calling to remain.

So am I right to be aghast at such a lapse among scholars? Or was Edward VI really the “boy-bigot”?

By the way, this may be a good time to let you know this blog will be undergoing a transition for the rest of the year. As I’ve mentioned, I’ll be studying in Oxford this Fall and am preparing for that with great anticipation. So my posting will become more selective and gradually more centered around my Oxford experience.

Judging from the response during my Advent 2005 trip to England, I suspect most of you would prefer that anyway.

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