Tuesday, March 07, 2006

-John Paterson should resign.

-John Paterson, chair of the Anglican Consultative Council, on March 6th made a sickening, pandering apology to the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church. He apologized for the ACC voting to ask ECUSA and the Anglican Church of Canada to withdraw from the ACC until Lambeth ’08.

With his little apology, -Paterson willfully undermined both the decision of the Anglican Consultative Council that he chairs and the Primates.

For that he should either resign or be made to resign.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he also joined the absurd cabaret of liberals who have told ECUSA that they have “been exemplary in the attention that [they] have given to the recommendations of The Windsor Report.” Heck, he said “the Episcopal Church has demonstrated a quality of leadership in relation to Windsor that I have greatly admired.”

That is so vomitous I don’t know if I should lose my breakfast or laugh into hysterics.

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