Monday, March 20, 2006

Clergy/laity split in Tennessee

As noted over at the new Stayin’ Anglican blog, there is an interesting split in the ECUSA Diocese of Tennessee. After 14 ballots, they have not yet been able to elect a new bishop. Why? The laity are insisting on an orthodox candidate, and the more liberal clergy refuse to go along. There are other factors, such the required 2/3s vote for election. But the clergy/laity split seems to be the main reason.

Good for the lay voters! May they continue to stand firm!

Laity being more conservative than clergy is a common phenomenon in mainline denominations. That’s not a good commentary on most seminaries, is it not?

By the way, Stayin’ Anglican is yet another good Texas Anglican blog. For some reason, Texas has become a hotbed of Anglican blogging.

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