Monday, March 13, 2006

Back from Austin

Well, my trip to the State Basketball Tourny in Austin was bittersweet. Both my teams, Ponder and Lipan, lost, which was hard on both teams, especially Ponder. Both teams had a lot of Seniors, so it was a tough way for them to go out. My favorite high school player of all time, Lipan’s Casey Riddle, had red eyes at the end of the game.

By the way, if you want to read about some heart-warming sportsmanship, read about the friendships between Lipan and their victorious rival Nazareth here. (Free registration required.) For one thing, the Lipan players have often stayed in the Nazareth players’ homes and visa versa.

I still had a good time. It was fun seeing some old friends and even making new ones as well as meeting Riddle for the first time. And I had a good afternoon road trip out to Pedernales Falls State Park. The falls are amazing, like an endless rock glacier. Scrambling and exploring on it was fun. And there weren’t many people there so I practically had it to myself.

I saw something very interesting beside the falls. There were these two springs beside each other with abundant water gurgling out even though we’re in drought. And guess what was rooted between them? A very lucky tree. Yes, it was downright Biblical.

I took pictures of that scene that would go well with certain scriptures. So I’ll post them, then post the link here.

UPDATE: And here's the lucky/blessed spring fed tree. Additional photos I took at Pedernales Falls can be found here.

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