Saturday, July 16, 2005

+Smith may have miscalculated.

It has now become clear Purple Mafia ECUSA Bishop Smith and friends have royally ticked off the wrong people, +Bob Duncan and Kendall Harmon for starters. Plus there has been a report that even the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury is on this.

In any case, +Smith’s actions combined with silence (or even support) from liberal Episcopalians may be pushing conservatives to go beyond playing by nice Anglican rules. Playing by the rules against people who submit to church authority only when it suits their ends has resulted in more outrage and persecution against the faithful. Liberals like +Smith won’t even listen to pleas from the Primates, including the Archbishop of Canterbury to lay off their attacks on the faith and on the faithful. Conservatives with any backbone have had enough of this.

So don’t be surprised if something big is about to happen, maybe even tomorrow, the first Sunday after the Purple Mafia takeover of St. John’s.

We’ll see.

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