Thursday, July 07, 2005

Gotta love those Brits.

Here’s a couple anecdotes I’ve come across that spotlight delightful yet steely British character.

From Nation Review’s The Corner:

The funny thing is, BBC Radio 4 isn't covering it right now. They did for an hour between 3 to 4pm, and will do so at 5 (noon our time), then at the 6.00 news. But a couple of hours ago the principal BBC radio news station was running its usual programming -- a radio drama. At first I was appalled, but then I thought there's something especially dry and British about it; and it's surely not what al-Qaeda would wish to hear.

From a message board I frequent, posted by a Londoner:

We have just been making tea for the police around here (just around the corner from Tavistock Square) who are still having to keep roads etc closed off. When it comes to a crisis, we put the kettle on and make a pot of tea!

God bless the Brits!

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