Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I’m back . . . and I’m home.

Well, I arrived at my new home in Corpus at 2:15am this morning. I’m still feeling the effects of that, so I don’t know how profound or coherent this post will be.

I have decided to go ahead and get back to regularly blogging. And there’s a lot of matters bottled up inside me, so watch out.

My last Sunday in Denton was one of many good-byes. One was to Fr. Baines of St. David’s. I found out he’s retiring. He will be missed. I will miss his strong singing of the Eucharist – which often rings through my mind during the week – his excellent sermons, and his gentle, disarming smile. And how many rectors join the choir for the anthems?

Spending time with him as I helped carve the Paschal Candle is a good memory that will stay with me.

I guess I’m finding out already that “You can’t go home again.” I can go back to St. David’s. But it won’t be the same without Fr. Baines.

Before leaving, I found out some more of how God used me to make a difference in kid’s lives, especially in running the church skate park. That alone makes my years in Denton worthwhile.

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