Thursday, July 07, 2005

Do you still not understand that we are in the War Against Terrorism?

Even before today, I’ve been aghast at those who just don’t seem to get it that these terrorists are at war against us, us being the United States, the U.K., Israel and those nations who actually have enough spine and morals to stand up to terrorism (in other words, not Spain or France).

We see this divorce from reality with the media furor over treatment of prisoners at Club Gitmo. The scum there are treated quite well, thank you, far better than they deserve and far better than we treated WW2 POWs. And we need to extract as much good information from them as we can. Yet there is whining that we are not nice enough to them.

And we act as if it’s no big deal that there is an invasion of illegals across U. S. borders. Putting aside the issue of those who come here to work, pay their own way, and send some money home to their families, why are we letting our borders be wide open to terrorists? And why do whiners even decry good citizen efforts like Operation Minuteman to assist in monitoring our borders? There is an invasion of terrorists and other hostiles across our borders. We should act like it and send troops to the borders . . . now.

We should start acting like we are at war. The terrorists are.

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