Thursday, July 05, 2018

Anglican Troll of the Year

Yes, about half of 2018 remains. Yes, I have never given such an award as Anglican Troll of the Year before.  But Jules Gomes’ post supposedly reporting that the Church of England’s General Synod may abolish the Holy Trinity to make nice with Muslims demands recognition.
Yes, it was satire and hilarious, lampooning a number of parties in the Church of England.  More importantly, in spite of giveaway names in it (I particularly like “Rev’d Janus Pliable, Rector of St Simplicio’s Church, Bishopsbottom, London.”), it was such good satire that some thought it was true.  One might say it was too close to true.
 We are aware of a blog entitled 'Church of England's Synod may abolish Holy Trinity to include Muslims'.
 Apparently some commentators appear not to have realised the author intended it to be a joke. For the avoidance of doubt, this article is entirely without basis of fact, and is published marked as 'satire'.
 The agenda for the July 2018 General Synod can be found here, including details of all Private Member Motions listed for debate. 
The Church of England remains fully committed to the doctrine of the Trinity. 
Thus Gomes’ post and eliciting that denial from the Church of England already wins the Anglican Troll of the Year award.
“Troll” often has a negative meaning. It should not be so interpreted here.  Rest assured that this award is given out of great admiration for very effective and impactful satire.  Well done, Fr. Jules!

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