Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Now an Airport Blocked? ENOUGH!

Now protesters under the Black Lives Matter banner have blocked an airport.  Yes, you read that right.  They blocked the London City Airport this morning.

When will U. S. and U. K. authorities stop going easy on Black Lives Matter?  Willful unlawful blocking of transport cannot be tolerated in a free society.  Yet the perps are handled with kid gloves and then given slaps on the wrist, if even that.  So, predictably, their attacks on free travel are escalating.

Being nice to these people must not continue. Airports and major roads and highways should be cleared of unlawful protesters with whatever force is necessary to clear them quickly.  If there are injuries, that’s the protester’s d#$% fault.  The time it is now taking authorities to oh-so-gently clear protesters from roads and now runways is absurd. 

And sentences should be commensurate with all the hours these people rob from everyday decent people simply trying to go about their business - in other words, months and even years, not . . . well has any of the BLM crowd gotten more than a day or two?

Willfully blocking a nation’s transport is the equivalent of false imprisonment of the victims; it is a crime and should be treated as such.  And that includes stopping the crime with all necessary force.  ENOUGH with the predations of Black Lives Matter and affiliated Leftists and of going easy against them.

By the way, most of the criminals in the London City Airport blockage are white.  This has nothing to do with skin color.  It has to do with the rule of law in a free society and with protecting citizens above protecting criminals.

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