Thursday, September 08, 2016

Hillary and Her People Knowingly Destroyed Emails UNDER SUBPOENA

One of the frustrations of blogging is sometimes you are so overwhelmed with information that it is a big ask to put it together in a presentable form.  To apply this to the subject at hand, I know Hillary is a crook.  But to put together all the evidence for that and make some sense of that would take days.  And the “Mainstream” News Media isn’t helping with that since the perp in question is a Democrat.  They bent over backwards to get Nixon, but the even more corrupt LBJ before him or Obama and Hillary after him?  Not so much.

So I am all the more appreciative of Ace for presenting and summarizing the fact that Hillary and her people knowingly destroyed emails under subpoena.  His post is a bit of a rant but I will defer to him.

And do know this is a serious crime.  Not only can destroying evidence already under subpoena get you years in prison.  But that act can be used as evidence itself in a court of law.  Heck, deposing of evidence even not under subpoena can be used against you in a court of law.

And this is only one of the crimes of Hillary Clinton, albeit a damning one. 

The veteran gentleman last night was right.  If she wasn’t Hillary Clinton, she would be headed for prison.

And she should be.  “Lock her up.”

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