Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Michaelmas Eve

Tomorrow is the Feast of Michael and All Angels or Michaelmas as more commonly known in England.   Long time readers might remember the day always turns my thoughts towards Oxford and Cambridge as it marks the beginning (or close to it) of the academic year in those two great universities.

I’ve experienced the time more than once in Oxbridge myself.  It is a time of joyous anticipation and newness in both places.  And, even when here in Texas, it brings forth in me both nostalgia and sometimes yearning as well.  I do miss Oxford at times.  And part of me wishes I would have been more persistent in pushing into a Masters program there.  But I suspect God’s providence had other ideas . . . and that the admissions committee might have had other ideas as well.  (I’m an excellent student, but my record is not the easiest sell.)

I’m not ruling out studying again at Oxford, however.  I have one or two possibilities on the backburner.

Anyhow, I could ramble on.  But I’ve written of my attachment to Michaelmas before.  So look back with me and enjoy.

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