Friday, October 16, 2015

Why Should the Synod Fathers Walk Out?

There is a movement afoot to encourage orthodox Catholic bishops to walk out of the Synod on the Family before its conclusion.  Steve Skojec summarizes the reasoning behind it and thereby sets forth a good catalogue of reasons conservative Catholics are concerned about this Synod.

I concur but will not repeat his work . . . except that I do find Pope Francis’ choice of a certain Cardinal to play a prominent role at this Synod particularly . . . noteworthy:

Cardinal Godfried Daneels, who, in addition to having advocated for same-sex marriage and legalized abortion, has been implicated in silencing clerical sex abuse victims in Belgium – with one notable instance caught on tape. He is also a participant in the so-called “St. Gallen Mafia,” a cabal of prelates who worked in secret against Pope Benedict and wanted to see Cardinal Bergoglio elected to modernize the Church.

Damian Thompson has certainly taken note, including this:

At the launch of his authorised biography in Brussels last month, Danneels claimed to have been part of a ‘mafia club’ of senior cardinals opposed to Benedict XVI who wanted to ensure that a liberal pope succeeded Benedict XVI. Jorge Bergoglio was their favourite candidate. Perhaps we shouldn’t read too much in to this – the papacy was hardly in the club’s gift. But when I asked a senior Vatican source this week why Francis had invited Danneels to the synod – on the face of it, a grotesquely inappropriate move – he replied: “As a thank-you for the votes he helped deliver.”

I will restrain myself from saying more for now.  But I can smell “the smoke of Satan” from this Synod – and from the Vatican – all the way from Texas.

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