Friday, October 02, 2015

Want to Play the Oregon Shooting Blame Game?

Before I rant start, the ignored obvious should be stated: the one to be blamed above all for the Oregon shooting yesterday is one Chris Harper Mercer.  And in a healthy, sane culture, it would be left largely at that.

But the political culture of the United States is hardly healthy and too rarely sane.  So, as always after a shooting not in Chicago, the Left is oh-so-eager to play the blame game to push gun confiscation, and Obama practically ran to the podium to do just that, of course.

But I will be a sport.  Does Obama and the Leftist fanboys want to play the Blame Game?  Then let’s play!

Umpqua Community College was a gun-free zone or at least the equivalent as confirmed by the UCC president.

Oh, the Left is doing their worst best to dispute that inconvenient fact.  They are failing.

As, sadly, in the Aurora shooting, this policy makes victims sitting ducks and is practically an invitation to shooters who prefer their victims unarmed.

At the very least, gun control on this campus did nothing to prevent this incident.  Likely, it made it worse.

Further, although the Democrat “mainstream” news media has yet to say much about it, there is very good reason to believe Chris Harper Mercer targeted Christians, as one young woman in the room testified before undergoing surgery.

The Left has created a hostile atmosphere against Christians in much of this country, particularly against Christians who hold firmly to traditional morality and refuse to participate in its destruction.  You can cut this atmosphere with a knife on the Left Coast.  Vilify even a peaceful, law-abiding demographic enough and allow such vilification legitimacy in a culture or subculture, and wronged-headed men could act out violently on that. 

And one did.

I will mercifully stop there.  But does the Left really want to play the Blame Game with this atrocity against Christians?  And that when the Left vilifies and disarms Christians and would surely go further in vilifying and disarming them?


Anonymous said...

As a Canadian I shake my head at the senseless killings in the States. The 2nd Amendment has been twisted to favour everyone carrying a gun, when it actually is meant to apply to an armed militia. When will you all wake up to the reality that more guns means more people carrying, and like the Wild West gun fights become the norm. I pray for all of you-A Canadian

Mark said...

I understand your distress. Yet it usually takes a gun to stop these shootings.

One reason Texas changed its gun laws is that decades ago a gunman went into a Luby's and shot everyone up. They were defenseless . . . in Texas.

We aren't defenseless anymore.


Mark said...

BTW, the view that the 2nd Amendment applies only to a militia has been throughly debunked.


A Canadian said...

guns don't kill people; people kill people-If fewer people had access to guns, the murder rate would go down for mass shootings. Again, the whole thing is looking like the Wild West- If people can carry they are more likely to use the gun to settle differences rather than less lethal methods- If carrying was frowned upon even the bad guys (and girls?) would not carry as well-A Canadian

Maxine Schell said...

Canadian Lefties can ignor facts, too. Not because they are Canadians, but because they are lefties.