Monday, October 26, 2015

Synod – “The Triumph of Ambiguity”

I will keep my comments about the just concluded Synod on the Family brief in part because it is not at all easy for me to make heads or tails of the closing Relatio.  I am a reasonably good reader on a good day, but I found myself wondering what the Synod was really trying to say only to find a lot of language that conceals more than it reveals.

Which brings me to the best analysis I have found so far.  Rorate Caeli posts the Relatio’s more controversial passages and dubs the Synod’s conclusion “The Triumph of Ambiguity”.  And I suspect they are right on target.

And when the church is ambiguous in its statements, what benefits more - Orthodoxy or Liberalism?  

Methinks it’s Liberalism.  Weasel words and stretching definitions beyond recognition have always been among the deceptive tools of apostasy.  Such duplicity is hard to prevent, but at least church leaders should do their best with God’s help to avoid enabling said duplicity.

This Synod and the ambiguity of its Relatio are enablers.

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