Thursday, July 10, 2014

Let’s . . . Play the Race Card!

It’s time for that favorite game of Liberals and Leftists, Let’s . . . Play the Race Card! (canned applause)

Our first contestant is that oh-so-Lefty “Christian”, (canned laughter) Jim Wallis! (identical canned applause)

Wallis earned the loudest applause of the night with his statement that the Tea Party only existed because Obama was black. “Barack Obama does not make this a post-racial society. This is the first friend I had who has become president. He has been stunned by the reaction to him. There would not be a tea party in America, I will this say this, if there wasn’t a black man in the White House.”

Wallis quickly clarified that you could disagree with Obama and not be a racist, noting that he had disagreements with him over immigration, poverty, and drones. Apparently, criticizing Obama from the left is not racist. “But [the Tea Party’s] disagreement with him is not about policy. It’s about who he is as a black man because he represents the future of America, and that makes a lot of white folks really angry and really scared.”

That’s right, Jim!  The Tea Party’s problem with Obama has nothing to do with Obamacare, massive deficits, tyrannical executive and federal overreach, rewarding illegal immigration, attacks on religious freedom, on privacy, or any other policy direction.  Not to mention those made up scandals about veterans dying on waiting lists and the IRS targeting the Tea Party.  It’s all about race!

Way to play the race card!  Thanks for playing, Jim! (canned applause)

Our next contestant is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid! (canned applause) Harry, while talking about your efforts to undo the Hobby Lobby ruling, you said this:

“People are going to have to walk down here and vote, and if they vote with the five men on the Supreme Court, I think it’s — they’re going to have — be treated unfavorably come November with the elections,” Reid told reporters on Tuesday, according to ABC.

The Senate will act soon to “ensure that women’s lives are not determined by virtue of five white men,” Reid added.

Uh, oh! (canned laughter) Someone forgot to tell Harry that Clarence Thomas is Not White.

Sorry, Harry.  You get a Race Card FAIL. (obnoxious buzzer, uproarious canned laughter)

But thanks for playing anyway.  And for your consolation prize, we are giving you a framed photograph of Justice Clarence Thomas, just in case you need to be reminded Clarence Thomas is Not White.  (canned laughter)

And we will see you next time on Let’s Play the Race Card! (canned laughter, lame music)


BillB said...

Reid was not fully wrong. All LEFTIST believe that Judge Clarence Thomas is really a white man on the inside. You know an OREO -- Black on the outside, White on the inside.

Maxine Schell said...

"Virtue" of 5 white men. Maybe Harry is right...except about the 5white men.
Yeah, I know, he was mixed up...he really did not mean to say '"virtue".