Tuesday, July 29, 2014

One Sort of Illegal Immigrant That Should Be Deported NOW

Here in Texas, we are very familiar with illegal immigrants who otherwise obey the law, lead a quiet life, and work hard to send money home to their families.  One can hardly get too angry about this sort.  If only more U. S. citizens so conducted themselves!

But there are many illegals who are not so noble.  And several of them have been gathering at the White House to protest on behalf of further undermining our laws and borders.  They are even demanding meetings IN the White House!

This sort does anger me.  They should not be here in the first place; they are not U. S. citizens or even legal immigrants; and they have the gall to protest and lobby Washington?  When I was legally in the U. K., I didn’t dream of engaging in protest or lobbying there although I have strong opinions about UK politics.  I’m not a UK citizen, and it is not my place to so take advantage of their hospitality.

Conversely, we have had marches for illegal immigrants here in Texas in which illegals march under a Mexican flag!  In my darker moments, I wish someone would treat them like the invaders they are.

But certainly advocating for further undermining of our borders should be a one-way ticket to deportation back home.  That illegals are protesting in the streets without fear of deportation is outrageous.

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Anonymous said...

I agree over all, but must point out that the illegals who are sending home money are able to do so, because they are being subsidized by many welfare and other benefit programs, like section 8, food stamps, free healthcare and so much more. And many of them use multiple fake IDs, and collect many of these benefits two, three or more times over. It's how illegals are able to undercut wages, yet appear to be living in grand style. Citizens, the ones you take a swing at, would support themselves and families on their wages alone, and would not be considered eligible for those benefits.