Monday, August 19, 2013

The Low Churchman Goes Too Far!

Although I appreciate Anglo-Catholic worship, I have also appreciated the Low Churchman for his clever send-ups of both A-C worship and of low church puerile Puritan prejudices against such.

But now the Low Churchman has gone too far.  He has dared to write dismissively of . . . Palestrina!

Outrage!  I revere Palestrina as do all right thinking men and women of good and proper Anglican taste.

Us Anglicans can put up with a heretic priest or bishop or two or three or five hundred.  But an assault on Palestrina! . . .

I may need a stiff drink to calm down.

1 comment:

The Underground Pewster said...

I had to laugh at,

"Sicut cervus, which prays to St Januarius to send a plague of rickets upon all loyal churchmen"

That is about as low as you can go.