Friday, August 23, 2013

Rainbow Tyranny in New Mexico

Photographer Elaine Huguenin is happy to take pictures of gay costumers.  But her Christian beliefs prevent her from consciously participating in a same-sex wedding by doing photography for the same.

But the New Mexico Supreme Court just said, Too bad.  Take gay wedding photos on demand or else.  That is “the price of citizenship” in a petty liberal gulag.

Of course, there are many other photographers available who would be glad to do a gay wedding. 

But a minimum of inconvenience to gays and (in this case) lesbians is soooo much more important than freedom of religion.

Even some who do not oppose same-sex marriage are appalled.  Ben Shapiro is right – this ruling is “state-sponsored tyranny at its finest.”

Hat tip to Ace, who adds, “You know, the gay couple could simply find another photographer. No, by all means, let's use the power of the state to reach as deeply as possible into people's lives instead of just telling the gay couple to ‘Look online for ten minutes and find someone else.’”

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