Saturday, December 24, 2011

Obama 2012 wants YOU to propagandize your family for Christmas!

One mark of the totalitarian impulse is that everything is about The Dear Leader, whoever he may be at the time. A case in point – the Obama campaign is urging his followers to propagandize their families for Christmas. I am not kidding.

I can think of few things which would better promote family disharmony at Christmas. (But then totalitarians and assorted Leftists do constantly work to undermine the family and Christmas for that matter.) Whatever one’s political leanings, propagandizing your family at Christmas is a bad, bad idea. I know. I am just about the only conservative left in my admittedly small family. My hippie dad and I used to get into some heated arguments. And he used to give me gifts such as an Al Franken book.

We are both wiser now and keep our political discussions in small, infrequent, and careful doses. And when I call him today, I will not berate him for voting for Obama or for being likely to do so again.

Besides, Christmas is not about politics or someone’s Dear Leader. It is about the Lord of Lords and King of Kings humbling himself to be born into our messed up world for our sake and for our salvation.

The Obama campaign clearly does not get that.

Let us be more wise. Let us celebrate the birth of our Savior and love our family and friends . . . whatever their politics. Even if we are engaged in political warfare, we can follow the good example of the Christmas Truce and let our warfare cease for a time in honor of the Prince of Peace.

May you have a Happy Christmas.

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