Friday, December 09, 2011

NAACP Runs to UN to Defend the Right to Vote . . . Fraud

So this is what “voting rights” has come to – the right to rig elections to get the results you want, whether by arbitrary law or by outright lawlessness, namely election fraud. The NAACP is letting their self-righteous cover of their efforts to rig democracy slip with their petition to the UN alleging disenfranchisement of Blacks and Hispanics.

For about what is the NAACP really whining to the UN? Efforts to ensure votes are legit and not fraudulent. Prominent in the NAACP complaint are Voter ID laws and laws to keep ineligible felons from voting. Trying to make sure only eligible people vote is racist, don’t you know.

By way, does the NAACP really want to argue that keeping felons from voting is an anti-Black measure?

Another NAACP complaint is even more . . . interesting. They cite Georgia shortening its early voting period from 45 days to 21 days. Only 21 days to early vote? That RAAAACCISSM!

The NAACP might want to think again about this. Their course of action is so obnoxious it just might backfire. As if race-baiting for vote fraud in front of the UN isn’t bad enough, they might (and I am not yet certain of this) petition the UN Human Rights Council:

What better forum for the NAACP to use to berate and try to embarrass the United States than the dysfunctional United Nations Human Rights Council, where 57.45% of the members are rated “Not Free” or only “Partly Free” by Freedom House?

We don’t have to imagine what this travesty of an international “human rights” organization will do with the report. Members with such stellar human rights records as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Cuba and China will have a field day trying to deflect attention from their own blatant denials of fundamental freedoms to their peoples by turning the United States into a racist oppressor.

Yeah, that would go over well in America.

May I humbly suggest the NAACP might be wiser to declare victory on voting rights (And they have won and then some.) and focus on voter responsibility. Blacks still have relatively low voter turnout, and when they do vote they often elect loons *coughsheilajacksonleecough* and crooks. And that hardly advances black people or anyone . . . except for race-baiting loons and crooks.

And enabling vote fraud hardly advances real voting rights and the consent of the governed.

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