Friday, December 16, 2011

Christopher Hitchens, R.I.P.

You may have noticed I can be slightly vehement about the enormities of the Left. And I am certainly no fan of the aggressive New Atheism.

So it may surprise that I have long been a fan of Christopher Hitchens.

Through the years, I have gotten so weary of the idiocy emanating from the Left that I find it refreshing when I come across those left of center, even far left of center, who can actually think for themselves and communicate well.

Christopher Hitchens was such a man. I’ve always enjoyed listening to him because he has always been unpredictable, witty, and sharp . . . and unafraid, particularly unafraid to offend the kneejerk Left, but just about everyone else for that matter. He relished going against the grain and did not seem to care who was annoyed by that.

Was much of what he said outrageous? Oh, yes! But he was outrageous because he was unafraid to think independently and to speak and write clearly and intelligently with his unique biting wit. Even when his conclusions were utterly wrong, he came to them in a right way worthy of respect and attention.

His demise is a loss to intelligent discourse.

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