Monday, December 14, 2009

Upper SC and the Increasing Irrelevance of the Episcopal Church

In choosing Andrew Waldo as its bishop, the Diocese of Upper South Carolina has not also chosen apostasy but also irrelevance.

In case you don’t know where’s Waldo, here’s where:

Waldo counts Bishop Robinson as his "mentor," seeks to institute same sex blessings after General Convention approves a rite, counts Jesus as "my way" and "my truth," and practices Communion of the Unbaptized, in violation of the national church canons, at his parish.

You get the picture.

I am sure this will bring South Carolinians running to the Episcopal Church! . . . or is that running away? This election indeed begs the question: What demand is there in South Carolina for a church that is weak in affirming Jesus as the way and the truth, but that eagerly affirms homosexuality?

And Upper South Carolina is not the only liberal TEC diocese in a conservative region. The persistent and accelerating membership losses of the Episcopal Church show liberal churchianity is irrelevant if not repugnant to most who have any interest in joining a church. Does that not apply all the more in more conservative areas, such as the South?

The Episcopal Church is so letting its agenda be set by an uberliberal segment of American culture that they are becoming irrelevant to American culture. Again, the Episcopal Church is not only rushing to apostasy; they are rushing to irrelevance.

Put another way, the Episcopal Church’s desire to be oh-so-relevant is bringing about just the opposite.

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