Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First ACNA Provincial Council

The first ACNA Provincial Council has met and issued a communiqué.

Some are focusing on the goal of one thousand new congregations in five years. But, realistic or not, that goal is old news from the Provincial Assembly in Bedford.

What I find more notable is the wholehearted endorsement of the Manhattan Declaration and the firm nudge given to the Anglican Church of Uganda concerning the bill there on homosexual conduct.

The Uganda bill is madness. My understanding is that it contains the death penalty for homosexual conduct and harsh fines against those who don’t report it. The church should speak out and pray against this bill.

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Robin_G_Jordan said...


The progress of the work of two committees or task forces upon which I am keeping an eye was not mentioned in the communique. The first is the group that is survey the churches of the ACNA on what they believe in order to put together a Church Catechism; the second is compiling the new ACNA Prayer Book.