Friday, December 04, 2009

The Problem with Modern Theology and WO

In a discussion of Women’s Ordination, Jeffery Steel hits upon the problem with much (most?) modern theology – it is man-centered, not Christ-centered.

On the subject of holy orders, Steel points out (in all caps, no less) that no one has the right to holy orders. The attitude that “social justice” or women’s rights somehow demands W. O. is an example of man-centered theology.

Of course, such poor man-centered theology is displayed in other areas. Modern culture is allowed to change doctrine and practice . . . and then the Holy Spirit is blamed for it, of course. As if the Holy Spirit has suddenly changed his mind and is now oh-so concerned with approving and pushing modern Western culture.

And it is not just liberals that engage in such uberhumanistic sloppiness. One reason I don’t call myself evangelical is all the “evangelicals” who let their theology sway to cultural winds.

Myself, I choose Christ over culture, thank you.

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